Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Vance the Conoisseur

The boys are here tonite so Suzanne can treat Dave to his much deserved steak dinner for finishing their wood floors. We were eating dinner, when Vance turned to me and asked what was in the rice pilaf. I answered, "rice, almonds, cranberries..." thinking that he would be satisfied knowing what the chunky stuff was. But he responded, "what else?" So, I went on, "chicken broth, salt, pepper, butter..." yet he still wasn't satisfied. "What's the lemon taste?" he asked. Indeed there was lemon rind in the rice, but it not something I thought a six-year-old would be interested in knowing, so I hadn't mentioned it. I asked him "How did you know there was lemon in there?" to which he replied, "I have a tongue!"

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