Friday, January 18, 2008

Normalcy and Blessing

Life shouldn't be too complicated. Just ask him.

Ahh, so nice to be back in a routine. The house is back in shape, and I got caught up on all the grading of schoolwork that piled up on my desk starting early December. I got an accumulating pile of "stuff" listed on eBay. I had time to take French class with Drew (DVD). I made chicken soup from scratch, and tried a new cookie recipe. Emma and I went to the gym 3 times and also resumed our weight room routine. The holiday pounds are now off- woo hoo! A sense of accomplishment is a good feeling indeed.

On Monday evening I had the privilege to go to dinner with Suzanne, Kelly, and Nancy Hoyer. We have had a prayer group for a few years, and we were blessed this week with the addition of Nancy. She is such a lovable gal and a diligent person. I know we will all enjoy having her in the group- she will add so much. It seems like one prayer request of all of us was to read more (to build that into our busy schedules). So, we decided to hold each other accountable to read 30 minutes a day. It doesn't sound like much, but for us moms it is a huge challenge. Since then, I got in 2 hours reading time! Thanks for the encouragement girls - I was blessed. I have been reading Romans, and also the book "How to Worship Jesus Christ." It's a gem of a little book that Logan Carr urged me to read. I highly recommend it - it's life changing.

I was also blessed to see my daughter have a servant's heart as she babysat quite a bit this week for Nancy. Emma loves the Hoyer kids and tries to do a really good job. She is still in process, but I truly appreciate her willingness to serve. It is a blessing for me to witness her sweet attitude and capability.

I was also blessed to see my son help my dad out. Dad bought a new speaker system for his TV, and Drew went over to install it for him. I watched in awe as Drew worked and wondered how in the world did he ever know how to do such a thing. He even recognized a cable that he needed was missing. Quite the young man indeed. My dad appreciated his assistance and took us all out for Chinese food - yum. Drew is patient and takes the time to do things right, and I appreciate that about him.

The normalcy of life reminds me what a wonderful life God has given me. It is utterly undeserved - all grace. The opportunity to be a stay at home wife and mother is a gift from God that I don't take for granted. Thank you Lord for blessing me so richly.

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Nancy said...

Hi Karen~

I am so blessed to have you as a friend (and, most definitely, Emma as a babysitter!!) Thanks for the kind words, and the invitation to be in your prayer group. I will be blessed by it indeed.