Monday, October 1, 2007

A Treat of a Retreat

This weekend we had the privilege of "chaperoning" our kids' bible study retreat. Nate and Bethany Williams, the bible study leaders, thought they might need a hand with 25 high schoolers, so they asked us to come along. We traveled to Kingsburg, about 3 hours north, to camp on Andy and Becky Muxlow's property. They have endless acres right on the Kings River. They have set aside a particular area on their property for church youth groups to have retreats. There was plenty of room for tents (and for RV's for us old OR pregnant folks- not OLD and PREGNANT!), picnic tables, a large fire pit with seating, and an indoor kitchen and bathroom. They also allowed us the use of their lakeside outside kitchen/barbecue area, which was sweet! I have never cooked in a more picturesque location. The Williams kept thanking us for cooking, but for Rich and I it was the ultimate pleasure to cook outdoors, under the oaks, with state of the art equipment combined with exquisite design.

We all arrived late Friday afternoon, ate dinner, and had campfire time. The next day, after breakfast and a great devotion led by Nate regarding our speech, we all enjoyed free time down near the river. The rest of the day was filled with barbecued hamburgers, fishing, exploring, napping (for some), and warm chocolate chip cookies! After dinner, Nate again led us and then provided a great game of cops and robbers in the DARK. Then, we were all awakened at 2:00 a.m. to unknown persons setting off fireworks in the open area behind us! My brave husband scared them off and that was that! On Sunday morning, we got to attend the Muxlow's church. Adam Bailie, a recent Master's Seminary grad, became their new pastor a month ago. Adam gave us a great message about the prophecies that proclaim Jesus as Messiah from Matthew 2. After that, we headed back for a barbecue lunch before heading home.

Rich and I felt blessed to be a part of this great weekend. We are so thankful for the high school ministry at our church, and all that it means to our kids. The Lord is so good! Below are some more pictures from the weekend.

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