Monday, September 24, 2007

Maybe I do love soy

A little known fact about me is that I literally hate soy! I truly despise the stuff in any form. I hate soy protein powder, soy beans (edamame), soy milk, and most definitely tofu and partially hydrogenated soybean oil. When I'm reading a product label, if I see the word "soy" it goes right back on the shelf. I know I am probably viewed as a bit of a health freak. I mean who else do you know with a gallon of coconut oil in her cupboard? Anyways, my dear friend and fellow health foodie Carol passed some information on soy to me a few years ago, and I have since abolished it from my family's diet with a vengeance. However, I have found a soy that I do like! Soy wax!

What, you say? Is she eating soy wax? Nooooo.

She's making candles with it!

I have been an avid candlemaker for many years now, making heavily scented container candles and votives. I have always used paraffin wax. But, I have recently been introduced to a new product - soy wax. It has many benefits, including the following:

- It comes in flake form, like a big bag of gift bag filler, which does not have to be cut. No longer do I need to hack apart 12 lb. slabs of wax and nearly kill myself!

-It is cheaper than paraffin. Paraffin, a by-product of petroleum, fluxuates in price as petroleum does. Right now, it is over $1/lb. but soy wax is less than $1/lb.

-It burns clean. Paraffin emits toxins as it burns, as evidenced by the soot on your jar and/or wall. These airborne toxins can get into your central air/heating system and be spread throughout your home. Nice thought, huh?

-It requires only one pour. Paraffin wax shrinks when it cools from liquid to solid, creating a deep crater in the center of my candles. This is remedied by melting more wax and pouring it into the hole one or two more times, but takes a good deal of time. Soy wax does not shrink when cooling so one pour is sufficient. Love that!

So, after reluctantly accepting the fact that soy might have something going for it, I attempted my first batch of candles with it. The results? Delightful! I made lemon pound cake scented candles (photo above) and they are so yummy! I wish you could smell this blog because they are delicious. The soy wax is so creamy and rich looking. I love it. The only disadvantage is that because it is so creamy, it tends to look more like a smoothie. That may be great for lemon pound cake, and creme brulee, but I might have to resort back to good old paraffin for some others, such as pomegranite, so I don't end up with what looks like purple jello mixed with cool whip!

So, the soy industry has me back. Like they needed me.

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Nancy said...

How fun! I'm with you on the soy, by the way...

I'm also copying down those recipes...yummy!