Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Drew turns 16!

The month of July was very eventful for Drew! Not only did he turn 16 on July 19, but he went on his birthday to get his driver's license. It was a very exciting event and we were very proud of our boy. Then we went on to more celebration (more on that later)!
Since that day, Drew has ventured out with the car solo, and even *GASP* taken Emma on a few excursions. I made sure that Drew realized that he and Emma were my only children and that I could become jobless if he wasn't careful. They have had a lot of fun with their newfound independence - going to Santa Clarita for shopping and handling their pet sitting job without me. The experience of watching them drive away together was quite heart wrenching, but also a joy to watch brother and sister heading out together like two good friends. OK, I said like good friends. Drew has proved himself worthy of this privilege by being a good driver. LOVE THE BLINKER!!

For Drew's birthday we had a family celebration at home with my dad, the DeShongs, the Mickelsons, and Jordan & Lindsey. It was fun to watch Uncle Davey ride the dirt bike on the front lawn! Sometimes, you just have to wear stretchy pants! The dinner fare was Seven-layer Dip, Pizza, Caesar Salad and of course, Dirt Cups for dessert.

Drew's fave birthday dessert for years...dirt cups
We also allowed Drew to invite three buddies to go along to San Clemente with us as part of the big celebration. He invited Reuben Woodfield, David Devaney, and Thomas Herrera. A good time was had by all as we joined the Tubbs, Brooks, Bates and Shoemakers for a four night stay at the beach. Feeding 5 teenagers was no small feat! You don't want to even know how much soda they drank!

By the way of gifts, Drew had already received his gift from us early... Papa's old Mercury Sable. My dad was getting rid of it and gave us a great deal on it so it became his first official set of wheels. Being black in color, and being a four door sedan, we teased Drew that he looked like he was driving a little limo. We ended up getting him a personalized plate which reads DRWZLMO. We thought this clearly read "Drew's Limo" until Quincy Lima asked, "Who is Dr. Wizzlemo?" We hadn't thought about the fact that "DR" comes across as "Doctor" and the rest would say "Wizzlemo." So, Drew had no choice but to become the one, the only, the world reknown..... "Dr. Wizzlemo!"

Drew's new set of wheels, the Wizzlemo

Drew, you are a great guy and a lot of fun to be with. You are really turning into a wonderful young man, and your dad and I are grateful to see God shaping your life. I'm not sure what happened to my flat-topped, cuddly little Drewey... all I see is a tall, dark and handsome young man. I love you bud - have fun being 16! I adore you!

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