Saturday, May 12, 2007

Porto's Bakery

Yum-O: tiramisu, dulce de leche napoleon, triple chocolate mousse and the rest

Aren't these gorgeous?! I just had the extreme pleasure of visiting the new Porto's Bakery on Hollywood Way in Burbank. I had to take a trip to Sheridan Gardens, and what would you know but Porto's is just RIGHT down the street. At the very moment I saw it, a strange phenomena occurred in which something like a giant suction cup got ahold of me and deposited me right into the pastry line! So I said, "Oh well, I might as well buy something since I'm here!" But seriously, boy was I glad the wait in line was 15 minutes, because I needed that much time to decide! I was glad I had a great excuse to buy something, as tonite we are going out with my dad and the DeShongs to celebrate Mother's Day, as well as a couple anniversaries and birthdays. My plan was to get one dessert for each person, but I plan to con everyone into giving me a little bite so I can taste them all. C'mon, we're family, right?

Walking into Porto's is an utterly amazing experience. You just feel like you've entered a special place. Kind of a landmark. No wonder my mom used to rave about this place. You think to yourself, I am doing something extremely cool right now. Such a simple thing, pastry. I know, I know! But, oh how the senses are evoked, particularly sight and smell. You find yourself breathing very deeply - and you can really smell things baking in the back. My eyes popped as I viewed what must be the most beautiful croissants in the entire world. (And I am very partial to croissants -just ask Emma, my partner in crime) Then, I scanned the many different incredible types of danish. Breathtaking! Then the cakes...and then what I think is truly special... little individual desserts. Each one is a masterful work of art. Finally, it was my turn, and a very nice lady helped me choose just the right ones. And just for good measure, I picked up a couple danishes and a cinnamon roll for "the kids." Another thing that explains why the place is so busy - the prices are so reasonable. Just $1.50-$2.50 each for these gorgeous individual desserts. These are the kind you get in restaurants for $12 each! I was just jumping for joy as I exited Porto's with my boxes of pastries. What a delightful experience I had today. I can't wait to go back...soon I hope!

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