Friday, May 11, 2007

Birthday in Paradise

Brady enjoying shrimp at The Crab Cooker, Summer 2002

Today, May 11, would have been Brady’s 18th birthday. You could let your mind wander as to how this day might have been if Brady had never been diagnosed with cancer. He would be weeks away from graduating high school and preparing for college…He would have earned the right to vote by reaching this monumental age…There would no doubt be a great celebration for both of these milestones. But, he is not here, so none of this will take place. Sad? Yes, in a way. But ever since Brady left us in early 2004, we have been deeply grateful that he spends his days (though not “days” to him) with the Lord Jesus Christ. How insignificant to Brady that today is his 18th birthday! Compared to living in eternal joy and peace with God in heaven, a birthday party or graduation has zero appeal.
Rich and Brady outside the restaurant

Our family always does something on May 11 to commemorate his birthday. It is usually something that Brady enjoyed doing. One of his favorite places on earth was the beach. And his favorite beach restaurant was The Crab Cooker in Newport. I can still see the greasy butter sauce on his chin as he enjoyed his shrimp plate (see photo for detail!). So today, we are heading south to celebrate his birthday and life. We’ll hang out on the beach for awhile, perhaps catching some waves. Then we’ll head over to the Crab Cooker for a most familiar meal of red clam chowder, skewered grilled shrimp, parmesan mashed potatoes topped with paprika, and coleslaw. On the way home, we’ll probably make a stop on Balboa Island for a famous Balboa Bar. It will be a special family day as we remember Brady most likely with laughter as well as tears.

Join us in praising God for the gift Brady was to us, the way he touched our lives forever, and for the faith God granted him, so that his home is in heaven. His birthday today will truly be paradise!


Dave and Suzanne said...

We all miss Brady so much, yet rejoice that in heaven, every day is the best birthday anyone could ever have. We are remembering him today, and the amazing person he was.

Dee Dee Dirks said...

When I think of Brady I think of us dashing to "Sizzler" and carpooling to The Community School. Those were fun days. I think of his passion and love for the Lord and remember his testimony at Baptism (live) and at his memorial service. How good that you could be enjoying some of his favorite things on earth and he is enjoying our favorite One! There will be so much to get caught up on, we'll have all eternity! Thank you for sharing with us.

Savannah said...

Hey. :)
It's so encouraging to see you guys' perspective on remembering Brady. :) I'm so happy that he's in heaven, I miss my friend, but that's one thing i'm looking forward to going to heaven for. :) I love to ponder the fact that he's in heaven worshipping God on a far higher level than I'll ever get to do here. I'm a bit jealous in a way, actually. :)