Monday, April 16, 2007

An even MORE Wicked evening!

Right before the show: four excited people!

Well, on my post about a Wicked Evening last week, I half-jokingly mentioned that we might try and win the Wicked lottery....well....we just had to try....once or twice....

Well, the saga began on Saturday, when Rich and Drew were attending the men's breakfast at the Master's College. Emma and I had planned on a day of shopping, but instead, decided on a whim at breakfast time to go try the lottery for the 2:00 matinee. So, we got dressed up, drove down to Hollywood, and gave it a shot. Basically, you show up 2 1/2 hours before the show (they do this for every show), put your name in a lottery and 2 hours before the show they call the names of 13 happy people (each winner gets two tickets) who get to go to that show- sitting in the FRONT row for only $25/ticket and most importantly also winning the coveted green button that says "I won the Wicked Lottery!" We found ourselves in the company of about 100+ other people trying as well. Well, unfortunately we weren't one of the 13 happy people whose name was called. So Emma and I said "oh well," came home, put on our sweats, made goat cheese and broccoli omelettes, and turned on Food network. That was that!

In the meantime, this past week Suzanne and I had made the decision to take my dad to see Wicked for his birthday on May 20. We talked through many options for tickets. We couldn't find many good seats at this point searching Ticketmaster, so we decided that Rich and I would go down Sunday (yesterday) afternoon to buy tickets at the Pantages box office. Then a little *light bulb* went off in my head. Why not go at Lottery time (4:00) to visit the box office, and give it a try before purchasing tickets for May 20th? In my mind I thought that it would be completely unlikely that we could win four tickets....but why not try? My sister was put on alert, but we would be surprising my Dad with tickets for that night. It made me a bit nervous, not knowing where my dad was that afternoon, but we decided to go for it.

So, the four of us (Rich, Drew, Emma and myself) arrived, and much to our relief, only about 40-50 other people showed up as our competition. We all entered the lottery....and who's name should happened to be called?? DREW HARASICK! Scream!!! So, we had two front row seats! I decided to go to the box office and just see if there were any tickets left for that night's performance, and amazingly there was a single ticket in the 2nd row (right behind the two winning tickets) and another orchestra seat a few rows back to the side. BINGO! We had four tickets so Emma called Suzanne. She hopped in the car. Then I called my Dad. Roadblock! He had just been at a memorial service reception in Pacific Palisades, but was just starting on his way home with some friends who lived in Glendale. After much brainstorming, it was finally decided that his friends would just drop him off at the Pantages. He showed up around 5:30 and Suzanne showed up about 10 minutes later. My heart could rest - everyone made it in time for the 6:30 show. Everyone was so excited! It was an absolutely wonderful evening - my dad and Suzanne enjoyed the show immensely, and sitting in the front row was certainly a thrill! Plus, the spur of the moment-ness of it all made it even more exciting! We felt so happy that my dad enjoyed it and that we pulled off the surprise!

Megan Hilty and Emma
One more exciting part for Emma was that right before they began the lottery, Megan Hilty (Glinda) came out where we were waiting, to walk a couple of friends out. She was trying to be incognito with sunglasses and baseball hat, but when I saw her I knew it was her. So, Emma got a chance to briefly talk with her and get a photo. Quite exciting indeed!

Well, this probably won't be the last of our Wicked blogs. Rich and Drew felt kind of left out, and plan to try the lottery sometime.... the show has been extended through March so I'm sure they'll get another try - especially if Drew enters his name!!

Megan as Glinda


Harasick Family said...

That's "Galinda" with a "Ga".

Harasick Family said...

No, Rich, that's Glinda - the "Ga" is silent.