Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A new baby!

Scared you for a moment, didn't I? Well, it's not ME having the new baby, but rather some unknown cat that did the honors. We just adopted baby Jack from the animal shelter yesterday.

Emma and Jack

He is a 9 week old white kitten with a black spot on his back, a black tail, and a gray striped tiger face. What a cutie! He was named Jack because our last two cats were named for cheeses: Brie and Blue, so we continued with the theme. We mulled over several names, such as Colby, Cheddar, and Stilton, but Jack seemed just right for him. Since we got him yesterday he has been a complete and utter spaz. He accidentally fell asleep twice yesterday, but other than that he never stops moving. He is very cute and sweet, loves to play and purr loudly. We just love him!

In case you didn't know, we are big time cat lovers in this house. In addition to Jack, we have three other cats: Boomer, the original cat of the house, is a brown tabby who loves the great outdoors (and all the critters contained therein). Last week he brought us two (partial) mice, as well as a lovely arrangement of selected "parts" displayed artfully on the back patio. (I did take a picture of it but it is probably too graphic to be posted on the blog.) Boomer is known as "Drew's cat" as he adores Drew and loves to snuggle with him. He is the world's perfect cat. Then there are Brie and Blue, sisters we got from one of Suzanne's litters of kittens. They are adorable, sweet and cuddly. Brie likes her independence, but can be very affectionate when it's her idea. Blue is always in clear view of us. She has earned the nickname "door jamb" as she loves to plop herself down in the doorway of whatever room we're in. She loves to play with paper wads, and comes running from the other end of the house if you wad up a piece of paper for the trash. She sleeps spread out on her back - quite the character. She's a mama's girl for sure!

Blue in usual form.

Boomer and the girls (as kittens). He tolerates the other cats.

We can't imagine life without our cats. They don't ask for much but give us a lot of pleasure.


Grandma Lorrie said...

Jack is so cute! Your other babies are, too. I love kitties!!

maria labib said...

kj, we loved meeting jack. i think giana will like jack the next time we come to visit. john will definitely not come to the wicked lottery, he wants to know who has time for that with a two year old and a 3 month old. haha. love, maria