Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A Heavenly Minded Moment

...and they will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory... Mark 13:26

Now, the verse before that one indicates that the "sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light" however, that particular image of clouds is not found on Yahoo images! So I must go with an earthly one.

Ever experience a "heavenly minded" moment? I had one yesterday. It was a busy day, yet while in the car listening to Adie Camp, my thoughts were turned toward heaven. Here are the lyrics of two of her songs off the album Don't Wait :

When it's over

It’s finally calming down
I’ve found the motion of life that spins around
Grows dim as I enter in
A trail of tears sing your embrace
The scars of death and life we face
But I know I’ll be with you soon

When it’s over
When it’s over
I’ll finally fall down at your feet
And feel your open arms take hold of me

When it’s over
When it’s over
I’ll finally touch your wounded hands
And see the beauty of what you have planned

Revealing grace’s final call
I can’t comprehend at all
My hope will be completed
Seeing you with eyes unveiled
Knowing without you I’d have failed
I’ll wait - come soon - I’m waiting
My anticipation turns into desperation
When I think of when I will be with you my Jesus

And another one --


Overwhelm me with your love
And never let me go
Drown away the crashing waves
Leave me water for my soul

Overwhelm me with your love
And heal my broken heart
Keep me down upon my knees
Till your love is all I see

I have my hope in the beauty of your majesty
And all that I cannot see
I’m all I am
Because of what you gave up

Life for death
How do I start to say that I’m thankful Jesus

Overwhelm me with your love
Set my mind on things above
Show me what you have in store
For my home beyond this world

Overwhelm me with your love
And burn my heart again
Keep me focussed on your cross
So I know I’m forgiven

I know you hear me every time I whisper to the throne
I’m all I am because of you

Just listing the words don't do the songs justice. You need to hear them. If you have Windows Media you can listen to a little clip of each here: When it's over Overwhelm

If you haven't heard this debut album by Adie, I recommend you listen to it on itunes. She is a wonderful artist, and her words are so God-glorifying. She has a neat rendition of Turn, Turn, Turn on her album as well. Yes, she is Jeremy Camp's wife. We love his music as well and have all his CD's.

I thank God for the ministry music is to us and that it helps us focus on eternal life!

Have a heavenly minded day!

"...fix your hope completely on the grace
to be brought to you
at the revelation of Jesus Christ..."
1 Peter 1:13

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