Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Apples of my Eye - My nephews

There are three very special young men in my life. They are my sister’s sons – Austin, Luke, and Vance. They are the sweetest, funniest, craziest, geekiest guys you’ll ever meet. It is one of my greatest joys to spend time with them and watch them grow up. While they are all so different, they each hold a special place in my heart.

Austin, the oldest, constantly reminds me of Brady. Must be first born tendencies mixed with genetics. He is bright, goofy and aloof, creative, can entertain himself endlessly, and loves justice (mostly for everyone else). He is very affectionate and sweet and wouldn’t hurt a fly. To read more about his antics click here. Being quite verbal, there are many funny things he has said in his 9 1/2 years. Two are especially memorable. The first was when he was about 3, and it was his daddy’s birthday. He and Luke were staying with me for a few days while Suzanne and Dave were painting their new home. The boys helped me decorate a cake and thought we’d pay his daddy a short visit. Austin was going through this little “contradiction” stage, which was most disobedient. As we were driving to their house, I was briefing Austin. I told him, “It’s your daddy’s birthday today, and when you see him, say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!” to which he quickly and grumpily replied, “No, I say SAD birthday.” That line has remained in our family since then. And along the same lines, one time when he was in the process of potty training, I tried to take him to the bathroom. He started whining that he didn’t have to go. I said to him, “Austin, you are going to try. You do not have to whine.” To which he replied, “Yes, I DO have to whine!!” I guess those were words of wisdom from a 3 year old….sometimes you just have to whine!

Luke, the middle boy, is about to turn 8. He’s all boy and the physical one. He’s quite intense and plays hard. For sheer hobby's sake, he torments his brothers and thinks nothing of bopping them as hard as possible. Yet, strangely, he is also very tenderhearted and takes to heart his sin. He talks like a little mouse (hasn’t quite gotten the manly voice thing yet)! Sometimes he exhibits funny fears. When Suzanne and I were trying to teach him to swim at my house, he was simply terrified of going in the pool. He even sustained punishment for not getting in the pool. Then, once he was forced in, he would be hold onto you, paralyzed with fear, and screaming bloody murder. Then, one day, he somehow snapped out of it and found that he actually liked the pool. Then, of course, we could not get him to get out! (Don’t even ask about his fear of live crabs!) Here’s a funny story about Luke! Recently, a young married couple were invited to dinner at the DeShongs'. Suzanne suggested the boys make cards for their guests. When Luke showed his card to his mom, she told him that it would be nice if he could include a bible verse with his picture. He happily agreed and went to work and returned with the verse “thou shall not commit adultery” as the caption for his artwork! I guess it was the page his bible opened to!Click here for more about lovable Lukie.

And last but not least, the baby, Vance, a/k/a Bubba, the Bubs, or Vancy Pants. He’s almost 6 and a bundle of silliness. He is the biggest actor and can actually put on a fake tantrum that would convince anyone except the family (we’ve seen it a million times). “NO FAIR!” is his favorite fake tantrum line. He’s still super cuddly (when he wants to be) and can still be found sucking his thumb and snuggling up to you. He’s also very smart and onto everything. He knows exactly where all the candy dishes are in my house and checks them all upon arrival to my house. During the time of his visit, he may ask me 10 times for candy (of course, I always say yes). His trademarks of blond curly head and missing front teeth (for more on that story click here)make him extra charming. I am sad that he is growing up so fast.

I thank God continually for these three special boys and that Suzanne and Dave are raising them in a loving Christian home. It is my diligent prayer that they will grow as our Lord Jesus did “in wisdom and stature, and favor with God and men.” Luke 2:52

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Those are the cutest little boys I have ever seen!!!!!