Monday, January 29, 2007

Recipe Keeper!

Welcome to a new feature on the blog. I call it "Recipe Keeper!" As you will see, I get pretty excited over adding a new recipe to my recipe folder (more on that later- not just any recipe makes it in). That said, you may not see this feature too often, but when you do you can be sure I heartily recommend you try the recipe. It's a "keeper."

Besides recipes, there will probably be a lot of talk about food on my blog. This is mostly because I love to eat and I get excited about food. I am what you call a "foodie". For those of you not familiar with that term, it means you are enthralled with the whole process of food --from the scouring of cookbooks, to being a food network junkie, to enjoying planning meals, preparing food, and of course eating it. I'll admit it is a bit abnormal to be a foodie, but you just gotta go with it if you are one.

I have a small kitchen and I am actually a very simple cook. Italian cuisine is my favorite to cook. The chef who most inspires me is Giada de Laurentiis and I make her recipes quite often. She uses the most wonderful ingredients in the simplest preparations. And today's "Recipe Keeper!" is from Giada. It is her pot roast. She actually calls it Stracoto, which in Italian means "overcooked." I have always wanted a good pot roast recipe, but never had one. This is the best pot roast I've ever had (just the smell of it cooking will send you). I served it with polenta, but it is also good with mashed potatoes. Click here to get the recipe, and I hope you enjoy it.

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