Monday, January 29, 2007

Meet the Family - Karen!

As Karen's husband it is my extreme privilege to introduce to you the world's greatest wife. Although Kip would say, "Like anyone can know that Napoleon," I do have unique insight in this area and though I haven't met every wife I find it hard to believe any her equal. It's probably as much, though, that she is perfect for me. For me to be married to her speaks mightily of God's grace and provision. There is no way a guy like me deserves a wife like her. She is a serious P31 woman that blesses me tremendously.

Karen is such a faithful friend to me. She loves her whole family with true sacrifical love...and believe me it takes a lot of sacrifice to love us at times! I could go on about all of her amazing attributes but I think you probably get that I love her. Her only character fault is that she married me which was a serious lack of judgment on her part. She really doesn't make many mistakes like that. In fact our motto is, "I'm (Rich) smarter, but she is always right."

As you know from her posts she loves food. She knows quite a bit about cooking and is a great cook. Now this is a great blessing to me even though it make me great in size.

She also dabbles a bit in collecting depression glass which I'm sure she will post on soon. In fact her ebay User ID is chronic depression glass. Speaking of ebay, she buys and sell a lot and not just for pleasure. Much of it deals with finding the useful things for our life. Her knack for that and other web-based activities has earned her the nickname from me of "E-Wife".

Luv ya Babe!

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