Monday, January 12, 2015

Winter getaway

Rich doesn't generally get to take time off from work during the holidays.  But, he does often take off the first week of January-- which is kind of fun!  Just when I'm feeling a little sad that all the holiday festivities are over, I get my husband for a week.  Works for me!  He had a little honey-do list to work through for some of the time, but we also got away for a few days to the Palm desert area. It's been so cold here; it was sure nice to get a little time to soak in the sun. 

We started out Saturday morning with a stop at a new place in Pasadena I've been wanting to try, Lavender & Honey Espresso Bar.   Rich enjoyed his chai tea while I had their honeybee latte... yum.   Since it was breakfast time, we also had something from their "toast" bar.    I had the L & H toast which was toasted walnut bread spread with goat cheese, drizzled generously with honey, and topped with lavender flowers.  It was delicious and I've been making it at home ever since with Berolina's whole wheat walnut bread.  Rich had the Lemon & Sugar toast which was toasted  french bread buttered and then topped with a lovely lemon marmalade with powdered sugar.  Cute and cozy little place, I'll definitely be back.



We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells for two glorious nights.    
It's secluded, quiet, and far from the Palm Springs scene. 
We like that there's a Starbucks in the lobby so you don't have to rush out to breakfast.  :-)  
Drinking coffee in bed just screams VACATION to me.
We also had a great time playing tennis, relaxing by the pool, and trying out some new food finds.
Above is the lovely view from our room.  You can't tell, but there was snow on the San Jacinto mountains.  It wasn't so warm in the mornings, but in the afternoons, we enjoyed mid-70's poolside.


We are definitely "sit and read by the pool" people (and sit on the beach and read people for that matter.  :-)  We can do this for hours, and never get bored.
Rich was engrossed in one of Michael Pollan's books on food.
I enjoyed starting a new Francine Rivers book, Voice in the Wind.


Notice there is no one in sight.  It's not quite the high season yet out there, and we kind of liked that.


Early January in California can't be beat!


Food eaten poolside is just EXTRA lovely, isn't it??


Ahi sesame poke nachos at Cork & Fork
(to die for)


Sun-dried tomato & feta frittata AND blueberry vanilla french toast
at Wilma & Frieda


Quite possibly the most perfect eggs Benedict ever.
also from 
Wilma & Frieda


It's ALWAYS a good day when you get to share some Tiramisu with the one you love. It was ALMOST as good as Sisley.  :-)
We LOVED  Bucatini Trattoria in La Quinta.
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Carol B. said...

You're killin' me! All kidding aside - so glad you had a special get-away.
Did you make to Balboa Island?
I thought of you.

Hugs from WA

the e-wife, Karen said...


No we didn't go to Balboa this year -- we did have a nice dinner with the kids at Cheesecake Factory on Jan. 5th. :-)

Ladonna said...

Sounds so fun.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Carol… the grey/cold of Seattle is brutal this time of year! Lot's of memories in Indian Wells for me. My whole body is covered with 'freckles' - Ha! (No sunscreen in the '70s.) ;D Lil' is heading there in Feb. with her girlfriends family, so happy for her. I'll let her know about these 'yummy' restaurants.