Thursday, May 1, 2014

Our new little love (warning: cuteness overload ahead!)

In a little over a week, we'll be adding a new member to our family.
We've been wanting a Labrador puppy for some time...
I finally found a good local breeder with this litter of yellow labs-- the white color ones... and I almost died!!
We are naming her Buttercup. She is only 5 weeks old here, the day we picked her out. 
 Just look at this little LOVE!!


Empty nesters in need of a new baby. :-)


Seriously in love!!




Emma's cell phone that she picked up in her little mouth --  next to her shows how tiny she is!


That face... those eyes... that chubby pink belly!!!


Oh, and that lab profile! It kills me.



The three girls we had to choose from -- not an easy decision!
 We finally decided on the biggest most playful one.
Is there anything cuter than a lab puppy??

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1 comment:

Carol Blanchet said...

Princess Buttercup - is so adorable.
So - you have chocolate and vanilla now.

XO from WA