Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WDW - A regular star on our dinner menu


As I was preparing this chicken dish for dinner tonight, I realized that I have never posted it on the blog.  This was a Pinterest find that my sister told me about, and I pretty much make it every week!  If I don't, Rich asks for it. :-)   So, I figured it was time to share one of my favorite dinner recipes. 

This recipe is ridiculously simple, fast to prepare, nutritious, and super delicious.  All my favorite criteria when it comes to food.   Oh, and did I mention it's a one-pot dish?  Gotta love that!

I begin by preheating my oven to 450 degrees.  By the time it's ready, usually my dish is prepared is ready to bake. 

This is so easy I don't even feel like writing it in recipe form.  It's technically called Pan-roasted Lemon-garlic Chicken with Green Beans, but I just call it Chicken & Green Beans. 

Just zest one lemon and squeeze the juice of two juicy lemons into a large mixing bowl.   Add a few cloves of fresh, chopped garlic, a heaping tablespoon each of herbes de Provence (or any herb blend) and kosher salt, and a heavy sprinkling of fresh ground pepper.   Drizzle in about 4-5 Tbsp. of EVOO and whisk well.  You now have your marinade.  How easy was that?

Now drizzle another 2 Tbsp. EVOO into a 9x13 pan.  I love to use my Pampered Chef stoneware pan.  It creates a little extra magic if you ask me.  But any 9 x 13 will do, or even a big cast iron skillet.

OK, now take about 4-5 medium potatoes, any kind.  Don't bother to peel them, just scrub them well. Dice them (about 1" pieces) and toss them into the lemon/olive oil mixture.   Get them nice and coated and then lift them out with a slotted spoon (so the marinade can drain off) and lay them on the bottom of your pan.


Next, grab about a pound of green beans (or brussels sprouts, halved) and throw them into the marinade.  I don't particularly enjoy the tedious task of properly preparing green beans, so... I pretty much don't.  I just leave them whole, clean them and pat them dry.  Toss and coat with tongs; now layer them over the potatoes. 


Now, lastly, grab about 4-5 skin on, bone-in chicken pieces and toss them into the marinade (cut any large breast pieces in half for even baking). There might not be a lot of marinade left at this point, but toss and coat well on all sides.   Note - I like to use organic chicken, and I'm crazy about Mary's air-chilled chicken.  If you're thinking, what in the world is an air-chilled chicken, click here. I have to say it's A-mazing -  the texture and taste are notably better than the conventional water-chilled method birds.  I look for sales at Whole Foods and load my freezer with absurd amounts of it.   I ask the butcher to cut the chicken up into pieces, and freeze half-chicken portions in Ziploc bags (I freeze the "spines" all together to make chicken broth). A half chicken is enough for our family, but feel free to add a couple more pieces if you need to. 

OK, now put the chicken pieces skin side up on top of the green beans.  Dump any remaining marinade right on top.  At this point, I like to give a generous sprinkle of Penzey's lemon pepper over the entire top and drizzle on a little more EVOO for good measure.  You're done!

Pop the dish in the oven for about 50 minutes.   Then, remove the chicken, place in a shallow dish, and cover with foil.  I just put this on my oven top to keep it warm.   Continue to bake the green beans and potatoes another 10-15 more minutes and then return the chicken to the pan and serve (note: if you are like me, and enjoy your potatoes more browned and crispy, remove the green beans after the 10-15 minutes, add them to the chicken dish you have set aside, and continue to roast the potatoes alone about 10 more minutes. Then just dump the chicken and green beans on top of the potatoes and serve).

Oh, and a very happy Thanksgiving to all of youI just love this time of year, the opportunity of being with family and friends, and of course all the yummy food. :-)   Wishing you a blessed season!

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Now that is my kind of dish! Yay for a new one pot recipe!