Monday, May 28, 2012

Meatless Mondays - "Chipotle" inspired salad

I LOVE Chipotle salads!  I always order the the veggie one, and recently wondered why I never make them at home.  What a great meatless Monday meal... so easy and so delish. I promise you that you will not miss the meat one bit in this hearty dish!  I put mine together vegan, but you could add any other ingredients that you like, really.  Make it your own & have fun!


I began by opening up a can of beans, and warmed them over the stove with a bit of Mexican seasoning - a nice blend I got from Penzey's


 I mixed up some guacamole and made some fresh pico.  My guac is ridiculously simple - just mashed avocados, a little salt, and a little pico (since I had it, normally just avocado and salt).  The pico is simply hand-diced tomatoes, sweet white onion, and lots of fresh cilantro.  You could add a bit of fresh jalapeno here, if you like.


 I lightly sauteed some onions and red bell peppers in a touch of olive oil.  I really panic when I'm out of red bell peppers - I adore them!


I put out a big bowl of chopped romaine lettuce and made a basic vinaigrette.  I used lime juice in place of vinegar, a dab of honey, and added a sprinkle of cumin, chili powder, and cayenne.  It was pretty similar to the Chipotle one, if I don't say so.


I also cooked some brown rice, and tossed in a little more Mexican seasoning, olive oil, and fresh cilantro.  I could have just eaten this- yum!

Layer on all the goodies, and voila!  Isn't this colorful and appetizing?  Not to mention - healthy! This is a great summer evening dinner that I know we'll be enjoying often.

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Anonymous said...

This looks so yummy. I am going to try it. My 4 year old loves Peppers. I made Shrimp with a rainbow of peppers and he was so excited to see peppers on his plate. He finished them before his shrimp.
I am sure the kids will love this dish.
One questions. How do you make your brown rice. Mine always comes out so dry and not as flavorful. Any tips would be appreciated.

Angie Morales

Suzanne DeShong said...

Made this last night!!! I actually had something like this on my list of meatless meals to make. Wanted to use black beans, but didn't have any so I used the organic pintos, and it was yummy! I had leftover brown rice so it was perfect! Dave and I ate this for dinner while the boys were at Lucille's with Dad and Mili!

Katherine~ said...

I'm loving your "Meatless Monday" posts... I'm always looking for new ideas to incorporate. Thanks for this one!