Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WDW- Lemon Sour Cream Pie

I'm blogging from my phone right now since my boys have been working on my crashed laptop....
So this won't be too long of a post as I have little patience for my virtual keyboard!

I tried this pie recipe yesterday and absolutely loved it and just had to post. If you love lemons and are looking for a wonderful way to use them, boy is this recipe for you. We have a fabulous Meyer lemon tree that generously gives to us each winter, and tons of ripe lemons are still hanging from the branches. I strongly urge everyone to make this pie as soon as possible!! It's pretty much the best pie and the best lemon dessert I've ever had - and it's super easy to make! In fact, I'm going to go get a piece right now!



Katherine~ said...

We have a Meyer lemon tree too, so I'm glad for a recipe idea! I made your cilantro pesto a couple weeks ago and it was delicious! Thanks!

Deidre Johnson said...

Well, I made this lemon cream pie and in my humble opinion, there's no equal! My in-laws loved it, too. Thanks for always posting such great recipes :)