Monday, September 20, 2010

Summer Wrap - Up

Just checking in to say "I'm alive!" It was nice to take the summer off from blogging and facebooking. I have to say, I didn't really miss facebook at all, but I did miss the blog. So, here's a little summer recap and hopefully I'll be here more often now that I'm back into a routine.

It was a busy summer, and I was so glad to have my son home! He worked part-time, doing children's parties on Saturdays and sometimes Sunday afternoons. It was ideal, he earned some money, and we got to spend a lot of time with him. He had a two-week visit from friend Reuben Woodfield, my extra son, which was great. We love Roo.

Emma worked on her photography, doing several weddings and other shoots, and also traveled to North Carolina to visit Catherine Hardy. She loved that! Catherine returned to California with her and stayed with us off and on for another month. They went to summer camp, and Catherine went on a camping trip with our family. She was a joy to have around.

I also worked on Master's Kids a lot this summer, as I am the new program coordinator. In late spring, I took over for Fanny Lang, who has been running TMK for the last 8 years. She retired, and spent the summer teaching me the ropes and helping me get ready for fall. It's been hectic learning everything, and quite a bit of work, but I think that part of it is now behind me and I'm really enjoying the ladies I get to work with. I only have to attend TMK two times a month now that it's started, on days I need to lead coordinator meetings. I am thankful God gave me this ministry as I transition out of home schooling!

We had some camping beach vacations in San Clemente and Carpinteria. In August, we went with the Tubbs to San Clemente, overlapping one night with the Steadmans for the tail end of their vacation there. Then, Labor Day week, we did Carpinteria with the usual crowd: Brooks, Chenettes, DeShongs, Jensens, Tubbs, and we invited the Rogers this year. For San Clemente, we brought extra kids - Reuben Woodfield and Catherine Hardy - and for Carpinteria we had Kaitlyn Guyle all week and also had visits from Deborah Thompson as well as Chris, Nick and Briana Steadman.

San Clemente


Emily Tubbs and Emma roasting hot dogs by the fire...a tradition!


Another (well loved) tradition - breakfast at the Bagel Shack!

Nick and Emma in their matching shirts.


We took a fun day trip to Newport Beach. This photo was taken on the ferry.

And, not that I enjoy pictures of myself, but someday I want to remember that I did join my family on these summer vacations! Riding the ferry to Newport is of most favorite things to do.


Dinner at the Crab Cooker -a Newport Beach landmark for a reason.


And, what's a day in Newport without a Balboa Bar?


Group beach shot


Here's Rich on the beach in San Clemente. He's happy because he has a bag of Pedro's tacos! Yum!

And Drew's happy to have a bag of Pedro's tacos, too!


The sunset is just perfect for our dinner on the beach.



Rich serving up his famous funnel cakes to scores of happy campers!

Emma and Kait with the pups.
I like this photo of Kait & Olive.
This picture is funny - Missy was too chicken to climb down the trailer steps to get out! So, she would just sit on the edge watching all the action.
Olive & Missy LOVE LOVE LOVE the dog beach, south of the campground. It's the highlight of their LIFE to come here and it's a blast to watch them play fetch in the surf.

I didn't take too many pictures in Carp - it was such a busy week! We all drove up Monday (Labor Day) but then Drew had to go back to Master's for class Tuesday morning and I needed to be at the first day of Master's Kids by 8:30 am. We hit Starbucks at 6:00 am Tuesday, then I dropped Drew off at school and went on to church. After a busy morning, I returned to Carpinteria mid-afternoon.

On Friday, I also had to go to Master's Kids, and then I picked up Drew, Deborah, Briana, and Stephanie in Santa Clarita and we all got back to Carp around 4:00 pm.

That day, Rich had to move campsites since we couldn't get 6 nights on the first site on beach row that we had. And, um, well unfortunately, we didn't exactly fit on the new site (we were trying squeeze a 31 foot trailer on a 24' site- oops), so Rich and Robert Tubbs took the tires off the trailer and shoved the trailer's back end into the dirt! In the late afternoon, the rangers came around and told us we were illegally parked on the site with our tires off. They made us move to another site- but only for one night. That meant, the next morning, we had to go play the lottery for one more night. Fortunately, we got a site and moved back to beach row on Saturday, but what an ordeal! If you've ever been to Carpinteria, you know that it is not easy to park your trailer in the spots there. And poor Rich had to move us 3 times in 3 days! My sweet husband stayed so calm during the whole ordeal! In spite of all that, we did have fun! It was great to bike into town and hit the Coffee Bean in the morning before the kids woke up, buy fresh produce at the Farmer's Market, get some of our favorite Taquitos at the Beach Liquor store, buy dark chocolate honeycomb at Robataille's, and enjoy some great pancakes at Esau's on Sunday. We enjoyed lots of campfire chats with friends, Monopoly Deal (our family's new fave game), watching the kids play volleyball, and some very fun time with the pups on the beach.

Well, now we're back into routine. Emma started her senior year (!) and our fall schedule is well underway. Life is a lot more peaceful and quiet, actually. Emma is doing English and Math at home, and Science at the Master's College (a class for home-schooled high schoolers). She is busy with her photography as usual, has several weddings coming up, is involved in the Escape production of Peter Pan, and will also begin volunteering at the City of Hope in October. City of Hope is the hospital where Brady was treated for cancer, so it is a special place to our family, and I am so pleased and proud of Emma for choosing it to volunteer at. She will work one shift a week. We will be getting her Master's College application submitted very soon, and also will be meeting with the folks at COC (College of the Canyons) to see about her requirements for transferring into the nursing program there after she does her Gen. Ed at Master's. That's the plan for now for her - as she is very passionate about becoming a labor and delivery nurse!

Drew is now a sophomore and still loving Master's. He's a business major (accounting) and also enjoys history. He will be headed to Israel in the Spring to study abroad in Master's IBEX program (Israel Bible Extension Campus)! Lord willing, we plan to visit him while he's there - plans are presently in the works to do that! We plan to spend time in Israel, France, and Italy on a two-week-plus long trip. I have never traveled outside of this country (OK, I've been to Mexico), so I'm very excited! Lots of planning to do. It's fun having the "Unoffical guide to Paris" and the "Unofficial guide to Central Italy" on your coffee table!

OK, I guess I've more than made up for my silence this summer. Happy fall everyone!

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