Monday, October 5, 2009

dimanche matin avec Riche


For those of you who don't know French, the title means "Sunday mornings with Rich". I love French, so that is my title for my new feature about Rich cooking breakfast on Sundays.

Yesterday, he made us a splendid breakfast. First, I have to say, the man went grocery shopping by himself last Friday after he got off work. Yes, my cute little husband, who has never ONCE done the grocery shopping rarely shops alone, took himself to Whole Foods and came home toting a cute little brown bag, a bouquet of flowers for me peeking over the top, no less, and a big smile on his face. If that's not total cuteness, I just don't know what is.

So, what was in his bag? Special ingredients for his Sunday breakfast! Fresh maple-blueberry sausage, a lovely artisan loaf of cinnamon-walnut-raisin bread for French toast, and a pint of fresh blueberries. I was impressed. Very impressed. He liked it that I was impressed, too. But oh, I can't tell you how much the practical shopper side of me wanted to ask, "so, how much did this little shopping spree cost?" but he was so happy that I could do nothing by throw my arms around him and praise him. (However, later, when I actually did ask him how much he paid for the blueberries, he nonchalantly answered, "Oh, I didn't look." Love it.)

But no matter. When Sunday rolls around, and he cranks out the above masterpiece, I don't care how much he spent. Having the cutest husband in the world and that yummy food in front of me had so much more value than the cost of the groceries. And, somehow he knows how to make French toast like, 10 times better than me. Go figure. Maybe it was the sugar-in-the-raw which he says he threw into the egg/milk mixture, for "caramelization" purposes. I love it - caramelization purposes. I may have laughed out loud when he said that, I'm not sure.

Did I mention how cute I think this all is yet?

It's like, really, really cute.


maple-blueberry sausage - delish.

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