Friday, March 20, 2009

The Companionship Principle

Click here for a wonderful work by Joel James. It is called "The Companionship Principle." You can click on the link and download this document, or even print it out to read another time. The material was originally a short book that Joel wrote. You can read it in one sitting very easily, but it is the best and most biblical essay I've ever seen on the subject of dating and marriage. You will enjoy Joel's writing style and clear thinking on the matter. Joel is a graduate of the Master's Seminary and is now a Grace Church Missionary in South Africa.

I highly recommend this read! Even if your children are still young, you should be be sure you have a biblical view of this important subject in place now. And even if you have been raised in a Christian home and a great church, you will be surprised to find out how much Christians adopt the world's thinking on dating.

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Suzi said...

Thanks Karen,

A definite must read for Tom and I and a special couple in my life. I just have to make it larger so I can see it, lol.