Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blog Lobster

Those of you leftover from the 80's will no doubt remember the song Rock Lobster. Well, this is blog lobster! My dad called yesterday and said a client of his who works in the seafood business wanted to give him some lobsters. He said he was bringing them over to my house for dinner tonite! We boiled them up and had fun eating these delicious creatures! I'm so glad my kids enjoy seafood as much as I do!

Dad and Drew with the lobsters

Drew drops one in...Help! Help!

Jack checks out the live lobsters in the kitchen!

Dad masterfully cutting the lobsters up

Yummy ....

The empty shells after we picked all the meat out!

Thanks Dad for treating us to an amazing meal! It was a lot of fun and a special treat.

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Anonymous said...

"...lobster killer!" Okay, now come on - I know you've seen that movie. ;D