Friday, October 31, 2008


Well, today is the first day. The first glorious day that I don't have a work crew in my kitchen and laundry room. You remember the water heater disaster recently...well that turned into 3 weeks of clean up and repair (taking a break when we went to Chicago). Our insurance was great and covered the professional drying company, and all the repairs which included quite a bit of wall repair in the house and garage, replacing moulding and painting the laundry room and all its many cabinets. All to the tune of over $7000 (we only had a small deductible -hooray!) Yesterday morning was the final day which was the 4-hour power wash of all the tile floors. After the final crew left, I spent the rest of the day putting everything back into place and cleaning my entire house. Ahhh. I took a deep breath, lit a few candles, brought in a vase of roses, and sat back to admire the order and cleanliness that I hadn't had for some time. After all the stress and mess, there was finally peace.

It didn't even last one day.

So Emma says to me this morning, "Mom, my bathroom SMELLS." Today was bathroom cleaning day so I just dismissed it to being dirty. And besides, workmen have been using it. She then opened her shower door and said "What is THIS?" Gunk was strewn on the shower floor. Have you ever forgotten to run your garbage disposal before running the dishwasher and came back later to find yukky, dry, encrusted food particles in your sink? Well, that is exactly what was on her shower floor. So obviously there is some problem between Emma's bathroom and the kitchen sink - some blockage that occured after running the dishwasher last night backed up in her shower. I made a post it note that said "Emma's shower" and put it on the counter for Rich to see when he came home. He'd probably just reach his strong muscular arm into the drain, pull out a big hairball and we'll be back in business. Fast, cheap and easy. That's right.

Then Rich called after lunch and Emma answered the phone. She told him about her shower situation, and then I got on the phone and he sounded somber.

Him: "Honey, did you call the Rooter man yet?"
Me: "No, dear." (kind of sheepishly).
Him: (kind of surprised) "This is a problem. You need to call the rooter man."
Me: "Noooo, I don't want to!!" (can you hear the whine in my voice?)

You see, I wanted to get some errands done this afternoon. I didn't want any more work done on the house. I didn't want any more home repair bills. I just wanted to close my eyes and have it all go away. Can't Emma just use our other shower for the rest of her life?

So, I conveyed my distress to Rich. And my sweet husband's response? I'll be home soon and I'll take care of it. Fortunately, he was planning to work at home this afternoon after lunch with someone in our area. So, he's on his way now, and he's gonna call the rooter man.

Stay tuned.

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