Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I love teenagers!

I love teenagers! Last Sunday evening, Rich and I headed up the cooking of 1500 hot dogs for our church's evening carnival, with the help of 20 high schoolers. What a joy they were! They were all so polite to us and absolutely loved helping out. They were singing praise songs together as they worked very hard rolling endless hot dogs into wrappers. What a joy to see. I love our church and am especially thankful for the high school department!

And of course, most of all I love my own teenagers and their friends. Not a day goes by that I don't praise and thank God for Drew and Emma and the friends that God has graciously given them. Their friends are the absolute best! I couldn't ask for better kids for my kids to be influenced by. I am thrilled that their best friends are essentially my best friends' kids. How neat that they would actually choose and prefer those people to be their buds. It blesses my socks off!

This summer has been great just doing stuff with my kids. Yes, it makes it hard to get the laundry, cleaning, and cooking done, but oh well. Being with my kids is the most important thing I can do with my time. I love taking them places, sharing in their experiences, and having their friends in our home. I love who they are, and what they are becoming. I praise God for I know that the things I see in them are a result of His work in their hearts. These are precious times, and they won't last forever, so I know I must relish them.

Thanks for letting me gush a little!

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Myra said...

I'm with list of projects that I made to get done this summer remains undone, but the fun things we have done together were much more important. Today I took Savannah to Camelia Tea House and we chatted and enjoyed our scones and tea. I'm glad we did this while we had the chance. The dusting and organizing and cleaning out the garage will still be there even when the house is all quiet and all the little birdies have flown away.