Wednesday, June 4, 2008

San Clemente

We're heading to San Clemente this Sunday afternoon with our dear friends, the Brooks. We've been friends and camping buddies for a long time! So, for this week's "Way back When" Wednesday, I thought it fitting to post some old camping photos I found from the summers of '96 and '97. Too cute!

Billy Brooks

Courtney and Diane

T.J. and Emma (after PB & J?)

Katherine and Emma (notice that they are just sitting in the dirt)

L to R: Drew, Katherine, Courtney, Billy, T.J., Emma, Brady

Drew hasn't changed a bit - always snack bag in hand

Rich and I

Emma celebrating 4th of July

Emma waiting for a shower

Drew looking rather pooped out

Drew and Brady poppin' wheelies

Emma and Katherine obediently napping on the beach

Todd and Billy

The gang at the campsite

Brady and Drew just havin' fun on the beach

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