Sunday, February 10, 2008

What in the world...

As we were out in about in a nearby neighborhood today, I spotted the following oddoties. First this:

As if the demand and love for tofu is so great that a whole village of it is needed! If this were the last restaurant left on earth, I still think I'd pass.

And then, this at the restaurant we ate lunch at:

So is there some new "trim" model of wheelchair out there that I've never seen? (Actually, upon closer inspection, this turned out to be a janitor's closet. The bathroom was next to it. BAD placement of sign.)
Weird stuff.
Then yesterday, my cat Fiyero, who thinks he deserves free reign of the house including all tables and countertops, sat in a bowl of bacon grease. I don't think he exactly meant to sit in it, but did so when trying to perch himself in the windowsill over the kitchen sink. He was too dumb to even notice this happen to himself and proceeded to Emma's room where he sat on the carpet - bacon-greasy fluffy tail and all. Once we discovered what had happened, we promptly threw him in the kitchen sink for a bath. (Just so you know, bacon grease and water don't exactly mix.) I then proceeded to clean carpets and mop the kitchen. Too bad I didn't think to snap a photo - he looked hilarious wet and freaked out!

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