Thursday, November 29, 2007

2 year anniversary

Yesterday marked the two year anniversary of my mom's death. A friend asked if the day was especially difficult. I answered that it was really not much different than any other day. I am always missing my mom every single day- no day is easier nor harder. The anniversary does cause you to think back on the events that occured two years ago but the reality is, there is a hole in your heart that is always there. She comes to my mind multiple times every day.

I must admit, I do live with a feeling of sadness that my mom isn't here. There is a certain emptiness when something happens and she is not here to share it. She was such an integral part of my life - the one I shared the events of life as well as the mundane things. The one who cared about me only as a mother can. I still long to pick up the phone and call her, and deeply miss her love and care for me.

I found this great photo of my mom with Drew in Alaska in 2004. On a trip with my parents for his 13th birthday, they surprised Drew with a helicopter ride - and an exciting landing on a glacier. I think this photo summarizes the memories I have of my mom. She was young and vibrant, and loved being with her family. Because we lost her at the young age of 63, she will never be thought of as old in my eyes. (By the way, I do not know why my kid is wearing only a t-shirt in such weather. All I can say was I wasn't there to make him wear his coat!)

I take comfort in the grace that God has provided for me. He gave me a wonderful gift by giving me such a loving mother. He gave me a dear sister who can share my loss as no one can. He has given me a wonderful husband and children to support me. And, the ultimate: He has given me a promise that all my tears will be wiped away one day. (Rev. 7:17)

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