Monday, August 20, 2007

Make your pie and eat it too

Here are my kids proudly displaying their entries for the pie baking contest at church last night. The churchwide contest, sponsored by the high school department, brought in over 200 entries, which were judged and then served, along with homemade vanilla ice cream, to everyone after the evening service. Drew and Emma wanted to compete not just for the fun of it, but for the first place prize - an Ipod nano! Drew submitted Caramel Apple Pie and Emma submitted Vanilla Peach, two of my prized recipes. (For my peach pie recipe, click here) Drew even got creative with some leftover pie crust scraps, forming "G.C.C." (Grace Community Church) on top of his crust. The kids made their pie fillings, and I provided the homemade crust. Both pies turned out stunning, and the kids were certain they'd tie for first place. However, as we came to find out later, that with this many pies submitted for judging, they had to narrow it down by selecting 10 pies based on presentation in each category (fruit and non-fruit)and submit those to the judges for tasting. Unfortunately, ours just looked like plain homemade pies (except the G.C.C. on Drew's, but that didn't seem to get noticed), so they didn't make the cut to the tasting portion. Oh well, the judges missed out on tasting some pretty good pies, if we don't say so ourselves.

While our kids were busy helping serve and deliver, Rich and I had gotten in line and received some pie and ice cream. Rich had peach (but not Emma's) and I had a lovely slice of lemon cream. After we finished, Emma came rushing up to us with a big slice of her peach pie. She had been helping in the kitchen cutting up pie, when her pie came through. She knew Rich badly wanted a piece of it, so she hand delivered it to him, which just made his entire evening. And then, at the end of the evening, we found out that they didn't even cut Drew's pie up. It was in a warmer with a slew of other apple pies and it wasn't needed. So, we got to take it home! Yippee! If you don't win, at least you get to eat your pie. Rich said eating the pie was better than winning anyways!

Eric Bancroft hosted the judging, which was very fun. The judging was in the middle of the patio for all to see, with big-wig judges including elders and John MacArthur himself. The judges sat at black clothed tables and were given scarfs and black berets to wear (to look french) and even Pelligrino water in glass goblets. It was fun to see the runner ups - even some school-aged children - but the first prize winner was a graduate of the Master's College Home Economics department with her Key Lime Pie. I guess her parents could be proud of her, seeing that she put her college skills to use! I heard she currently works for Lawry's creating recipes.

It was a really great summer evening. French music was played, coffee was poured (in real coffee cups!) fellowship flowed, and a good time was had by all.

And now if you'll excuse me, I must go get a slice of apple pie for breakfast.

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Nancy said...

They sure look yummy to me!! Can I stop by for a slice for breakfast tomorrow?