Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Yes, we are crazy

Cute little Fiyero - 6 weeks old.

Yes, we know. We are crazy. ANOTHER cat. But, isn't he sooooo cute?

It all happened this way. In the morning when we called the vet to make an appointment for our kitten Jack (now 14 weeks) to get another round of shots, the receptionist asked me, "Would you like another new baby? We just found a mother and her 6 week old kittens Thursday and they need homes..."

Sadly, our beloved cat Blue disappeared Saturday and has not returned. Unfortunately, we had a sinking suspicion right off the bat that we wouldn't be getting her back, as it was not her habit to be gone but an hour or so if we ever let her outside. She was just a homebody, who loved to be where we were. She was usually found wherever the family was conjugating. We don't know what could have happened to her, but we all felt heartbroken. It was in the back of my mind that the only cure for this type of heartbreak is replacement. I just wasn't thinking that replacement would be so soon. But, it is hard to find a kitten, and here was one just at the right moment. You know the rest of the story!

It is our custom to name our cats for cheeses (cats eat mice, mice eat cheese...). However, the only three cheese names we liked were not universally agreed upon. Rich wanted Ricotta, to be nicknamed "Rico" (BAD Napoleon Dynamite connotation), Emma and I wanted Stilton (Rich bagged on that), while Drew favored Colby (kind of cute but didn't fit him). So today, we got the idea that he'd make a cute Fiyero (character from WICKED). So Fiyero it is (pronounced FEE-AIR-OH). So far, he's been a little nervous but seems to be coming around gradually. He is starting to warm up to the other cats and us. He didn't hiss or growl nearly as much today! He's got quite a repetoire of funny sounds! We are all anxiously awaiting his first purr!

Austin with Fiyero

We miss you, Blue. We love our Boo-Boo girl.

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