Saturday, April 7, 2007

Porch Update

Well it's a fine Saturday here in Shadow Hills and Rich is busy finishing up the insulation on the wall behind the porch. He should finish it up today and then the siding goes up!

It's been a nice week of accomplishment around the ole' homestead. Last weekend, the kids cleaned (big time) their rooms, going through everything. Together, they tossed out 8 giant hefty bags of trash (also 3 bags of clothes to the Goodwill)! On Monday, all the carpets were cleaned, and with that inspiration, I cleaned all the wood floors. On Thursday evening, the office got an overhaul. Now everything feels nice and clean and fresh. I feel like a regular Martha Stewart doing "spring cleaning" (her last issue had a two page foldout list of what to clean in springtime.)

If you're wondering what our toes have to do with this blog, that's because while the guys were slaving here at home, Emma and I carried on with the Spring Cleaning theme - getting our toes cleaned at a spa pedicure.


Dave and Suzanne said...

Nice food grinder attachment in the background. Where did you get that??!!??

Happy Birthday to Karen!!!! It's the 8th....

Anonymous said...

toes look amazing ladies! seriosly, beautiful, cute ;)