Thursday, May 25, 2017

30 years!

30th anniversary, Diamond Head, Oahu

Yes... I'm quite aware that it's been awhile since I've blogged (like since last Christmas).  For my faithful followers (if there are any of you even left), you've probably noticed a decreasing frequency in my posts over the past few years. 

When I created this blog 10 years ago, it was perfect for the phase of life I was in.  I was home much of the time overseeing my children's homeschooling.  I would blog alongside them in the office (or "schoolroom" as it was called then) all the while standing by in case they needed anything.  It was a good creative outlet for me and I got positive feedback from some that they really enjoyed reading it. 

But... I'm not a "sit at my computer" person by nature, so once that chapter closed, I got busy with other things and didn't find myself too often at my desk looking for something to do.  Now, truth be told, it's just easier to Instagram. 

Every once in awhile though, I feel the need to document something, as I do consider this blog an online scrapbook of sorts.  

Recently we celebrated our 30th anniversary.    It's unreal to think that we've been married THIRTY YEARS!   Of course, a lot has transpired in those 30 years... but also in a strange way it's really flown by. 

          Here are some photos from our special day, May 16, 1987:

Wedding day

Wedding day

Wedding day

When I look at these photos of us (besides wrapping my brain around the fact that it IS really us)  I think to myself, "we had ABSOLUTELY no idea what lay ahead."  We were young, in love, and so happy to be together...  and I'm so glad I can say that only one of those things has changed (Did you guess? We are OLD now).  

Is that because our lives have been a beautiful bed of roses?  That we haven't had any trials or challenges over these 30 years?  (Not at all) Is it because we are super-godly, perfect people and selfless spouses to each other? (Not by a long shot)  It is solely by the grace of God in our lives, and Him alone enabling us to continue to stand on the Solid Rock of Jesus Christ.  There is no secret to our marriage except that God has been our common bond, helping our love to grow, and sanctifying both of us in the process.  We stood at that altar 30 years ago, not knowing what would happen in the future, but we were very confident in our faith that God would grow us if we stayed committed to Him and each other.   We have truly considered our marriage to be the "grace of life" and are so very grateful for the many years we've had together.

Next to each other, we are so very thankful for our children:  Brady, Drew and Emma.   As many of you know, our Brady went home to be with the Lord at age 14.  We rejoice that he is "home safe" in heaven, though in this life our hearts will always ache for him- our dear firstborn child and the one who made us parents.  We are thankful for the blessing it was to raise our other two children to adulthood, and in addition to watch them get married to their best friends and have children of their own.

We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our anniversary than with our children and grandchildren.  After all, they are the product of our union, and mean more to us than anything on this earth.   

So Rich and I got the idea to go on a trip together-- and since Hawaii is a dream destination for all of us (we all honeymooned there -- on the same island and at the same resort even!), we wondered if we could make that happen.  Emma suggested the Disney Aulani to us, as she had been there as a nanny several years back.   After a little research, we became convinced that the Aulani would be a great family vacation spot for us and the planning began!

To be continued...

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