Sunday, March 13, 2016

Gender Reveal for grandbaby #2

We got to find out the gender of our next grandbaby in such a fun way!

Drew and Stephanie had found out the gender about a week earlier at their ultrasound, and gathered both sides of the family together at our home to share the BIG announcement.  They got a big black balloon and filled it with the proper gender color confetti.   

First, to keep us in suspense even further, Drew gave a little speech saying how blessed they were to have so many loving family members to care for their new little one.  It was sweet and all... but we just wanted to find out the gender!!  Come on!! Excitement filled the air.


And then Stephanie popped the balloon and out came BLUE!!! 
Yay for little boys!!!  
It will be so fun to have one of each!!

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