Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The countdown begins...


We are now down to counting DAYS until our little granddaughter makes her appearance!

It's been really fun to spend more time with Emma as she is now "retired" and just waiting for her sweet little bundle of joy to arrive.

She and Nick are so very excited and ready to welcome their precious little girl.

She is now 37 weeks and the baby weighs about 7 lb. She is measuring a little ahead of schedule, and there are some signs that she is getting close, so we are hoping she will be early (please please!).  All my babies came between 37-38 weeks (and the smallest was 8 lb 3 oz) so we're hoping there is an "early baby" gene that I passed on to her! :-) We have started taking lots of walks to try and get that VERY active little girl out! 
Praying for a safe delivery very soon...

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Carol B. said...

The best advice I could give would be to walk in the morning, and nap in the afternoon - because going into labor at the end of the day and then laboring all night long when you are tired is really, really hard!
I'm praying for a safe delivery.
XO from WA