Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

I always dreamed of having four children. 
But, after my 3rd pregnancy, it seemed like that would be it for me.

However, God has blessed me with these four:


People often ask me if I like the people my kids married. 
The answer is always a resounding "YES!"
I truly love and adore them like my own.

Even if I had been given free choice in the whole world, I couldn't have found anyone better to be my son and daughter in law than Nick and Stephanie.

I am really proud of all of them.

I could say much about them, but here are just a few words.

Drew is fun and funny, and super even-keeled.  So much like Rich, really. This past year I have proudly watched him graduate college, get a good job, and become a great husband.  It's been a true joy.

Stephanie is sweet, fun, creative, and thoughtful, and I love her personality.  I love to see how much she enjoys and loves my son.  She is so good-natured, and has fit in perfectly with our family since day one!  

Emma is hard-working, adventurous, & people-oriented. She really endears herself to all. It is so wonderful to watch her in her new role as a wife and homemaker. She has a very busy life with nannying and photography but she has put a lot of effort into making a lovely new home for her and Nick.

Nick is kind, hardworking, and patient.  He's also very fun to be with.  Even though he has had a lot of physical trials in the past couple years, but you don't hear him complain.  He has strong character, and I trust him completely to take care of my daughter.

The best part about these four is that they all love the Lord.
I am richly blessed by this common bond.
It brings me great joy that they have found the one "whom their soul loves."  
I love to see them so happy.

And today, May 11th, also happens to be my son Brady's birthday.  He would have been 25 years old today.  I marvel that He is in the presence of God and I look forward to our reunion someday.

 My heart is full this Mother's Day.

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Katherine said...

This was a lovely post to read. Happy Mother's Day to you, Karen!