Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Birthday joy

Growing up, birthdays in my family were always special and well celebrated.   Maybe I'm still kind of a kid, but I get excited when it's my birthday and love to make it a special day.  It's a day to do something fun and out of the ordinary, and share good times with those I love the most.

My sister and I have a fun tradition of spending our birthdays together.   We start early in the day and finish late in the afternoon!   The day always includes lots of yummy food, coffee, shopping, and often even a pedicure.  We chat all day -- such a fun sister time. 

Yesterday was my birthday and not only was I excited about the summer like weather, but I was greeted & treated by Suzanne in the morning with a coffee and croissant from my favorite bakery!  Then off we went!  We spent the morning leisurely strolling through clothes racks at multiple stores, then had dumplings for lunch at the famed Din Tai Fung, shopped some more and finished the day with some ice cream water-side at the Americana and a visit to Emma's apartment.   


My fave girls


Juicy Pork Dumplings -- works of art.


Our favorite -- Haagen Dazs.  We even pick the same flavor - coffee chip.  :-)

My wish for the evening was to have my fab four over and eat one of my faves -- Zankou Chicken.   Stephanie picked up some Princess Cake from Berolina, and other goodies for dessert.  It was a great time.

Here's a few pics we got.   We always have to take about 10 pictures before Drew will act normal.


It starts simply with him doing this weird expression he always makes.  
We all smile normal then realize he's goofing off... again.

Then he gets us all laughing.  I look like an alien here (and I'm not sure about Emma's hand)
Notice Drew is still doing the weird expression thing.  He's committed.

 Then FINALLY, after many failed attempts, and us threatening him that we will keep trying UNTIL we get a decent shot, he gives in and smiles normally.  By then we are all exhausted! 

I'm also remembering my mom today, on HER birthday, April 9th.  She would have been 72 today but she left us way too soon at age 63.   I love you and miss you Mom!

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Miller Family said...

Happy Birthday Karen! Glad you got to enjoy it with our favorite peeps!