Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WDW - Raw Chocolate Shake


A chocolate shake that's actually healthy?  Bring it on!

This shake is so amazingly delicious.  It's like a frappucino that got a successful, healthy makeover.  :-)

Here are the wonderful ingredients:

Raw milk.  I'm a raw milk lover.  Here's a little rundown on the differences between raw and pasteurized/homogenized milk.   You can certainly substitute another milk for the raw milk in this recipe, but keep in mind if you do then it probably won't be raw or as nutritious.  I buy Organic Pastures brand raw milk at Sprouts, and I've also seen it at Lassen's.   Each cup contains 8 g. of protein and 30% of my daily recommended calcium.   If you don't have access to raw milk, I would suggest homemade almond milk or diluted canned coconut milk for this recipe.

Frozen banana.  I always throw whole, unpeeled, overripe bananas into the freezer (I keep them in a Ziploc bag).  That way, when I need one for a smoothie, I simply grab one, run it under some warm water, then carefully cut off the peel and chunk it up.

Cacao Powder & Nibs. You can get the raw cacao products online, at Sprouts, or at Whole Foods.  Cacao is basically unroasted (uncooked) cocoa beans.  The powder is similar in texture to unsweetened cocoa powder.  The nibs remind me of finely chopped espresso beans.  Cacao is a top source of antioxidants, and contains an abundance of iron, magnesium, and calcium (so important for us women!), as well as many essential vitamins. 

And we all know that chocolate puts us in a good mood, right?  Actually, there is some science behind that -- cacao contains theobromine and phenylethylamine which are proven mood enhancers!  If more people ate chocolate, the world would be a much happier place. :-)  Start with this shake.

For one serving, in a Vitamix or strong blender add:

1 cup raw milk
1 rounded tablespoon each of cacao powder and cacao nibs
1 large frozen banana, cut into chunks
ice to desired consistency  (1/2- 1 cup)

I like to blend everything together except the cacao nibs, which I like to add in once everything is well-blended.  I like to keep a little texture in the smoothie, so I just blend the nibs slightly at the end. 

A touch of cinnamon or vanilla is really nice in this shake, too.  
I plan on making this shake a lot this summer!  I won't even feel guilty having it for lunch.

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Pur et Simple said...

Sounds super yummy!

Did you ever try the chococado? It's an amazingly delish green drink.

Today's weather in the NW calls for hot Americano, but I know our summer is out there somewhere.

Nicci H. said...

Thanks for posting this recipe, we just made some of these chocolate shakes and they were great!
On another note I had a friend make this recipe for me and I thought your family would enjoy these too!