Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sourdough Recipes

I'm in love with the sourdough process!  About 3 months ago, I made my own starter.   It is now thriving and I find myself using it a few times a week.  "Souring" is an ancient practice and helps make your whole grains more digestible and nourishing.  What has really been helpful is the Sourdough A-Z e-book I purchased from  The technique is well explained and it includes many wonderful recipes.  I haven't even tried traditional bread yet as I've been having so much fun with muffins, pancakes, waffles, etc. I use freshly ground whole wheat flour in my starter.

So far, my favorite recipe is sourdough waffles!  Words cannot express how delightful they are.  They are so light and crispy like the Belgian kind at my favorite bakery. I love to slather them with butter and real maple syrup, hot off the waffle iron.  And they are the easiest/healthiest things to make- just add some starter to eggs, coconut oil, salt, a little sweetener (I like maple syrup), baking soda, and the batter is ready to go.    I freeze any extras in baggies and just pop them in the toaster to eat.  I really would maintain my starter forever just to be ensured a constant supply of these.  :-)

The sourdough waffle recipe is here.

I've also been experimenting with sourdough pizza dough.  I've made pizza dough three times -- it keeps getting better with each attempt but I'm not there yet.  :-)

This morning I made English muffins.  They were absolutely delicious!  And so fun to make.  I made the dough last night with starter, raw kefir, and flour.  This morning I shaped and griddled the muffins in my cast iron skillet.  They turned out quite pretty, I just had to share.  The recipe can be found here.


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