Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Candle Sale Today!

Update: the candle sale is now over.  More holiday scented candles coming with my soap sale Dec. 3rd!

As promised, I'm selling some of my homemade fall candles on the blog today!  Click here if you missed the info on this sale.

To recap, these are 100% soy wax, highly scented, clean-burning candles!
I'm offering two sizes - 14 oz and 8 oz jars.   
Burn time on the 14 oz is 80+ hours, 8 oz. is 40+ hours.
The 14 oz size is $12, and the 8 oz size is $8.
 Supplies are limited but more are coming for Christmas!



The scents and availability are:
Macintosh apple 
14 oz:  sold out
8 oz:   2 jars
Cranberry woods
14 oz: 4 jars
8 oz:  8 jars
Pumpkin & vanilla
14 oz: sold out
8 oz:  sold out

To place your order, please email me at

~other details~

Payment:  I accept PayPal at, cash, or personal checks (checks only if I know you, please).
Delivery:  I can arrange delivery if you are local, but I am glad to ship if you are not.  I can ship up to 6 candles for $11.35 in the USPS medium flat rate priority shipping box.

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Mayra said...

Hi Karen: I just learned about your blog from Summer Page and I am so happy to know other bloggers from Grace. We are members of Grace since November 2011. I attend EWG on Wednesdays, my husband plays the percussion in the orchestra on Sundays and my two boys (9 & 8) are enjoying AWANA and Sunday school.

I just missed the candle sale, but please I would like to reserve a soap on December's sale.

I blog about homeschooling in Spanish, but here is the address if you want to visit it:

If you know Christian bloggers that write in Spanish, let me know. I have a marketing campaign for a Christian art lesson DVD. The vendor, who was part of Grace many year ago, want to reach the Hispanic community. They will receive the DVD for free to review it and commission from the affiliate program. If you want to participate, let me know. My email is

I was asking the Lord to guide me to christian bloggers and he is answering my prayers!! He is faithful! Hope to meet you at church soon!