Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Anniversary Gift I gave Rich

Awhile ago, I alluded to a special gift I got for Rich for our anniversary.  Well, this gift was a beautiful watercolor painting of our home.  I have a dear, sweet friend, Laurie Price, who happens to be a wonderful watercolor artist.  One day, it just hit me that I should have her paint our home.  This picture does not do the painting justice… it is simply beautiful.   She did it in 11 x 14 size (her largest) and I framed it in a dark frame with a double mat.

Below are some real photos of the house so you can see how beautifully she captured it. I am so thankful Laurie could do this for us.  It is already a treasure!



I want to share a little bit about Laurie.  I have been friends with her for many years...  I think we met when we took a parenting class in their home over 20 years ago.   I have always admired and looked up to her.  

Laurie is the kind of friend that you can really talk to about matters of the heart.   She is a kind and thoughtful, and when I think of her, I think of the radiant joy of the Lord that is always on display on her face.  She is not a joyful person because she has had an easy life.  No, rather she has had many trials, and her joyful response to those trials has inspired me in a profound way.  

Currently she is taking care of her husband, Gary, who has Alzheimer’s.  He is not an old man, this came on early, and I'm she never imagined this would be her lot at this phase of life.  But, she sees her life through God's sovereign will for her and she is content.  I have learned that it is no easy task caring for someone with Alzheimer's.  She has had to assume leadership in the home, managing everything and overseeing her husband's care.  What is so beautiful is that she still loves Gary with all her heart and does not consider it a burden.  She lovingly talks with him even when he cannot respond or process what she is saying.  I know when she reads this she will shake her head and want to tell me how she fails - so Laurie, please know that you are a very special lady and just smile. :-)  I truly am so thankful for her example to me, and the friendship we share.  If you have a minute, please check out her wonderful blog (she’s also on my blogroll, under “I Have Been Young.”)  I promise you will be so enriched if you do.

Please also take a moment to look at her Etsy shop.   She sells gorgeous, art quality notecards (I have bought some of her precious bird ones for gifts). Also, what is really special is that she does beautiful custom children’s name artwork.  Each one tells a story and she creatively weaves in details about the child.   You have to see them – they are so unique!  You can also see the painting she did for me under "commissioned home portrait."  I know she'd appreciate you stopping by!

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Laurie said...

Karen, thank you for the sweet thoughts, and you're right... but instead of shaking my head...I'm just smiling.

Gift Ideas said...

that's realy beautiful such story to read about frendships, nice photos also, and abour laurie it became hard to find such beautiful peopole in our time !
thank u again for sharing =)