Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So you don't have to look at my feet anymore

I decided to put up a post today so you won't have to look at my feet anymore. I was rather mortified myself when I saw them full screen (they looked kind of cute on my iphone screen).


It. Was. Amazing.

I hope to blog soon about each individual city. I am waiting for Emma to sort through the 3500+ pictures she took, and then I will post pictures and stories from our time. It may take some time...

I'm glad I was able to blog a little bit from my iphone in Paris and Florence. Once we got to Israel, Blogger was in Hebrew, and it was a lost cause (it was in French in Paris, and Italian in Italy, but I was able to muddle through.) And in London, we had trouble connecting with wifi every place we tried. I think the UK is incompatible with our iphones. That's okay, as you know we were quite busy going to the Royal Wedding and all.

This week, I'm just laying low, easing back into life, and dealing with a little jet lag. At night, I'm sleeping like a baby - waking up every two hours!! Benadryl = my middle of the night friend. :-) Hopefully soon my body will realize I'm back on California time.

Meredith & Jonathan (our friends & house sitters) left our house *sparkling* clean and in order so I had no housework upon returning. Even the sheets and towels were washed - our bed was ready to fall into. I can't tell you what a blessing that was after our 11 hour flight and the time difference. Not only that, but Jonathan surprised us by doing all the yardwork, and Meredith left flowers in all the vases, darling cupcakes and a welcome home sign on the kitchen table, and she filled all our candy dishes full! Yah, I have some rockin' friends. :-)

Yesterday, Rich took the day off and we unpacked and hit Trader Joe's. I also got all the laundry done, and we caught up on our Tivo'ed episodes of American Idol!! I'm loving my bed and my shower and the treat of wearing clean, unworn clothes. God blessed us tremendously on our trip, but there's no place like home and living for the Lord here in Shadow Hills.

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Miller Family said...

Welcome back!! Can't wait to read about all your travels! Time for Words with Friends! I actaully won you- HA!! Tracy and I are hoping to come your way in May! :)