Saturday, October 16, 2010

Menchies won't cut it


Rich just celebrated 25 years at his job, the Department of Water and Power. He is a civil engineer, and has worked at the DWP since the day he graduated college. That means he has had the same job since we met! How amazing is that? We are so blessed that he has had such a good job all these years. We thank God, and we thank Rich for his love and devotion to our family for faithfully going to work day after day (he's had only 2 sick days in 25 years).

So, Rich came home one day from work early last summer and said, "Hey, I just realized that last week, I hit 25 years at the Department," and then he casually added, "so I was thinking maybe we could go to Menchies to celebrate."

Menchies? Really? I mean Menchies is okay, but frozen yogurt to celebrate 25 years at your job?

Sorry, but I think not.

What I was thinking was more like dinner at Off Vine and Phantom of the Opera tickets.

That's what I'm talkin' about.

So, the kids and I went to the Pantages early in the summer and bought 6 tickets (we invited Stephanie and Nick to join us) and then anxiously counted down the days...


Finally, on last Friday night, the special night had arrived! We started the evening at our favorite special occasion spot, Off Vine. What's great about dinner at Off Vine (well, besides everything) is you can just leave your car there and walk to the Pantages. I actually love walking through Hollywood at night (when I have my man to protect me, of course). It's so New York-ish. Off Vine is so cozy and comforting, and I had the most amazing Seafood risotto with asparagus..... yum. Dinner was such fun and we were all so excited about the show! Rich and I had actually seen it before, but the kids had not. Phantom was actually the first Broadway show we'd ever seen, at the Majestic theater in NY many years ago, and it blew us away. Such an enchanting show. It's a tough plot to understand - watching the movie either before or after helps a lot. Anyways, we loved the show -- great cast, great music, super creative. This is the final U.S. tour of the show, ending here in L.A. The Pantages is absolutely gorgeous and a great venue for it. We came home and had the special cake above! A wonderful evening indeed. I'd wish my hubby another 25 years at the department, but alas he retires in around 5 years! Maybe then, I'll take him to Menchies.


My fave restaurant with my fave guy.


Six very excited people!!

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Brooke Johnson said...

that is such a sweet story Mrs H!! my mom and i saw it the week before. AMAZING!!!! :) glad you guys had fun!!