Friday, June 25, 2010

My baby turns 17!


I love this photo by Tracy Dodson.

Sometimes, I don't believe my words when I tell people my youngest is 17 years old (I've been rounding "up" lately). But, somehow, it is true. Emma has grown up so much in the past year: getting baptized, working as a photographer, getting her driver's license, deciding about college. She is becoming more and more independent and capable. It has been such a joy to see.

So, today, June 25th, I want to wish my dear, sweet daughter a very happy birthday! I love you so much Ems, and adore you beyond what mere words could ever express. You are such a gift from God.

My heart truly swells with love and thankfulness every time I see her. I thank God every day for the wonderful woman she is becoming. She is genuinely kind, caring, loving, and giving - she teaches me daily by her example. When she told Rich and I awhile back that she wanted to pursue nursing school, we knew that it was a very good choice for her in light of the qualities she already possesses. But, we also know, and are extremely proud of her for this: she desires most of all to follow God's plan for a woman and be a wife, mom, and homemaker someday. That is her heart's deepest longing and we pray God grants her this desire of her heart. She truly is a woman after God's own heart and that is a great encouragement to me.

Have fun being 17, Emma! Love you, sweetheart!

P.S. Today is a special day in our is also my nephew Austin's 13th birthday and my parents' wedding anniversary. They were married 49 years ago today.

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Pur et Simple said...

I remember the day we got the call from you...."I'ts a girl!" What a blessing she has been to me! It's a privilege to watch her grow into this beautiful, (inside and out) Godly, young woman. God has gifted her in so many ways and I know she will use that to His glory! So glad she was born into your family. YOU are the perfect mama for her!