Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I have to admit, I'm terrible about taking pictures. I guess since Emma has become a photographer I've gotten a bit lazy! I'm trying to get better at that.

So, here are some photos from different events in June. It's been packed and so much fun!


Before her actual birthday, Kaitlyn masterminded a birthday surprise for Emma! She was kidnapped at "friend-point" and taken to breakfast at Dish in La Canada, where she was greeted by....


...a group of her best girlfriends!


They all pitched in for a very special gift - a Tiffany's gift card! Emma was shocked! I love Kait's face here. They have been best friends since 2nd grade.

Then Kait told her they were going shopping at the Americana RIGHT THEN to spend it! She picked out a beautiful silver band ring.

Then the graduations.....first my nephew Kyle's from La Canada High School.

My sweet niece Amy and her boyfriend Austin.

My kids! It dawned on me that I had never given Drew a high school diploma. Oh well.

Cousins with similar gene pools. Amy is Rich's sister's daughter.

Kyle going for his diploma. It was really cool - the kids put the colleges they were going to attend on their graduation caps. Lots of USC's in this crowd!

The graduate with the family. He's going to Europe for a month and then will be a freshman at Southern Oregon University in the fall.

Then there was Stephanie's graduation from Lighthouse! She gave a speech - it was a very special evening.


Radiant girls!

My fave all-time photo of Drew and Stephanie.

On June 4th, we went to Lion King to celebrate Emma's birthday! Someday, I'll tell the interesting story of how I got us such wonderful seats (um, not).

After dinner at Spaghetti Factory. We were running late so Rich had to go get the car and miss these pictures!

The birthday girl and Nick.

Finally, on to her REAL birthday on June 25- we were at the Resolved Conference in Palm Springs. Dinner at CPK was great.

At Resolved. We had so much fun taking these kids to the conference. It was such an amazing experience. We love our kids' friends and cherish opportunities to spend time with them.


Briana made this amazing cake and cupcakes for Emma in her fave color - Tiffany blue! She was able to smuggle them to Palm Springs and keep them safe despite the hot desert heat, and surprise Emma. Hooray for Hefty bags that resemble sleeping bags - Emma had no idea!


Look at these beautiful cupcakes she made...

...and these! They tasted as good as they looked, too! All Bri's cakes are not only gorgeous and creative, but also so tender and tasty (you should check out her blog, cakes by Bri, on my blogroll).

I LOVE the detail in this picture. Sometimes my little point and shoot surprises me.

The birthday girl blowing out her candles! (cakemaker admiring)


Party in Room 4210! A few extra guests that were at the conference: L to R standing - Briana Steadman, Lindsay Tubbs
On sofa -Juliet Valaer, Laura Hamilton, Sarah Hamilton, Stephanie Tubbs, Deborah Thompson, Emma. Love all these girls.

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