Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Taste of Heaven


April showers bring May flowers!

I love May! For me, there is just a feeling to it. I suppose I first felt that way around my wedding time in May, 1987. Then, I felt it again when I was expecting my first child, Brady, in May, 1989. The weather is changing, everything is in bloom, and there always seemed to be something special to anticipate at that time. That feeling always comes back to me every May. I love it.

Speaking of blooms, I picked this beautiful bouquet from Emma's rose garden this morning. It's right outside her bedroom window. I once saw a gorgeous bouquet of roses in a magazine photo, and I tore out the page and saved it. When it came time to plant this area by her bedroom window, I selected tea roses in all the colors of the roses of that photo. The orange ones are 'Chris Evert', the magenta ones are 'Barbra Streisand,' the silvery-lilac ones are 'Paradise', and the creamy ivory ones are 'Whisper.' There are 7 other bushes in the garden as well, all in the same varying shades. If you want an amazing smelling rose (lemony) then go for the Barbra Streisand. There is just something so incredibly enjoyable about picking roses from your own garden. To me, roses just seem so heavenly in the way they look and smell.


And, speaking of heaven....Brady's birthday is coming up next week - on the 11th. He was born 21 years ago! Though he only lived 14 1/2 years, what an impact he had on my life. I was thinking the other day, that if I happen to live to be 75, and only 14 of those years were spent with Brady - what a small fraction of my life that actually was. But, oh, what sweet and memorable years those were, and how he touched my life and changed it forever. He is my child. I think of him every day. And I always conclude my thoughts of him rejoicing that he is in heaven. How privileged he is - I so envy him. As time goes on, and I get older, I praise God that I am getting a little closer to reuniting with Brady. The aging process does have a flip side for the Christian! We are slowly dying and creeping toward our eternity with God - what an amazing reality.

For today, these roses will just have to be my taste of heaven. Someday, my faith will become sight!

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