Thursday, May 13, 2010

The mystique of pickles


Remember these?

I just couldn't resist in a post awhile ago, making fun of the title of these.

I was pretty certain these were pickles when I saw them at the store. I was rather amused by the fact that Ralph's just couldn't say the word "pickle," leaving many of us to ponder "sweet whole" what? But, I brought them home and tasted them, and folks, they are indeed pickles!

But I have come to find out, it isn't just Ralph's that tries to keep this product a mystery. No, Albertson's feels the need to conceal that terrible word pickle as well. However, theirs are not merely called "sweet whole."


Check it out! To up the mystique, Albertson's calls theirs "sweet wholes."

But, they can't fool me. I could tell by looking into the glass jar that these were indeed "sweet whole."

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Briana said...

Lol. Just as long as Ralphs isn't the only grocery store to do it :P

SummerPage said...

Karen, you have me laughing! =) I am so glad there's someone out there that can translate these strange food terms for all of us!

Blessings Flow Down said...

PICKLE, PICKLE, PICKLE!!! There I said it. ;D