Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday Morning

Saturday mornings have become a favorite little "date" time for Rich and I. If any kids happened to be around, they are usually in bed sleeping (love having teenagers), giving us time alone to ourselves. We customarily wake around 7:00 and head to the kitchen to make our hot drinks (him- cocoa, me- a latte or a pot of coffee). We then settle in the living room together, one of us on each sofa. We read our bibles and other books we are currently in, and talk over what issues we're reading about. If it's cold, Rich builds us a fire. We love the fireplace on, and burn wood quite often. It seems like the last 6 Saturdays we've had rain, so the fires have made our time extra cozy. At some point, Rich usually goes and picks oranges and makes us fresh-squeezed juice. He also usually makes us poached eggs and toast, or I might make some whole grain pancakes. Lovely. I treasure these times with my husband. They are so sweet. After being married almost 23 years, he is still the one whose company I enjoy the most.

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kt said...

I LOVE this entry! Those types of moments are my favorite with Stevie as well! You and Rich are such a great example to follow! :)

Erin said...

The leaders to our Bible study group have this same ritual. They've been married 40 years, so it appears to be the activity of successful marriages! ;o)