Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WDW - Recipe Organization


I'm on a diet.

You were probably wondering when all of this food was going to catch up with me. Yeah, well it did....and I now need to shed a few of those pounds now. Ten to be exact. And since I'm counting calories (ugh) I'm going to avoid temptation and take this week off for posting a WDW. But, I know it's not fair to punish you for my sin. So, in lieu of a recipe today, I thought I'd feature something else you might find helpful. I'd like to share with you how I keep all my recipes organized.

I used to have a box full of recipe cards, which wasn't exactly too user-friendly in the kitchen. So, several years ago, I began typing out all my favorite recipes and saving them as computer files. Once I saved them, I printed them out, and now I store all my recipes in a 3-ring binder. Each recipe is one full page, and I keep them nice and clean with plastic page protectors that you can get at Office Depot. It is easy to add and subtract recipes as you like. I even bought special pages to make category dividers for easy recipe location. And it's also nice to have them on the computer in case I need to email someone a recipe as well.


So, if you would like to have your recipes nice and organized, consider taking this project on. It can be done a little at a time as you have the opportunity.

And, I'll be working on that 10 pounds while you do that.

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Costello Chronicles said...

I love reading your blog! Thanks for being such an encouragement to all of your readers. You are definitely a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen:

We trust that you and your family are well in the Lord. While we too will miss the recipe this time, we have also started to diet. It's going very well and required a bit of a life style change :). We find much enjoyment in your blog and visit it at least once a week. Keep up the good writing!

The Cheffers

The Leoness said...

Thanks for the suggestion about the recipe organization. It is so practical!

Just a thought for you since you are being careful about what you are eating right now, why not take one or two of your favorite recipes and figure out a way to lower the calories/make it healthier? I did that with the ranch dressing recipe that you shared with us. I love it and can see why your family eats it regularly. :) I substitute half of the mayo for nonfat plain greek yogurt and it still tastes amazing! And it cuts out a considerable amount of calories and fat, etc. Of course, I still couldn't sit down and eat the whole batch at once (although it is rather tempting!), but at least I can still have some amazing ranch while I watch my calories! :)

Laura Leon