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Adventures in Food - Galpin Ford

galpin ford

Yes, you read that right. A car dealer in the valley that is actually home to a great adventure in food.

You see, Galpin Ford has a little restaurant called "Horseless Carriage." It's a coffee shop, basically, but the food is not ordinary by any sense. When our truck needed service recently, Rich asked me if I wanted to have breakfast there, and I jumped at the chance. I had seen it many times, but never eaten there. The first thing that struck me as I walked in was that the place is IMMACULATE. Nothing looks new, but everything is perfect and sparkling clean. So much, that I was truly stunned.

We sat down at the counter and I mentioned this to Rich, and his reply was, "you should see the restrooms!!" So, I promptly hopped off my stool to go take a look (yes, at a restroom). Same. Everything perfectly clean, shiny and polished. Not new, but perfectly preserved. I washed my hands and actually felt obliged to dry off the drip from my wet hands which I dropped on the shiny trash can lid (so I did). It's hard to be impressed by a restroom, especially one at a car dealer. But I was.

I just love places like this. They drip nostaligia. And I sop it all up.

Then I took a look at the breakfast menu and noticed that they actually offered a lobster dish with eggs. Lobster. At a car dealer. C'mon!!

We ordered a special that had whole grain pancakes, two eggs and bacon to share. Our waitress wasn't a young punk. No, she had a waitress uniform on and was amazingly attentive.

The food arrived quickly and on hot plates. Some of the best pancakes I've ever had. Perfect eggs. I can't believe I've never eaten there before! Oh, the regret that quickly set in as I ate.

When I picked up our truck later in the day, I mentioned to the sales clerk about the wonderful experience that I had at the restaurant that morning. She told me how much she loves the place, and boasted about their shrimp and avocado salad. Oh, and she mentioned something about how amazing their steak dinner is. That did it. This is now my new favorite restaurant. I will be back. Soon.

OK, before I go, I just have to tell you if you have a Ford vehicle that needs service, or you are thinking about getting a Ford, you have to go to Galpin. This is no ordinary car dealer. Galpin is actually the #1 volume Ford dealer in the WORLD- and for the last 19 years too (I'm not kidding). That is because everything they do here is above and beyond your expectations.

First of all, their service is impeccable. One time, when we were interested in possibly buying a used Mustang convertible there (they have a huge used car lot there as well), they offered to let me keep a car I was interested in for the weekend to see if I liked it! Can you believe they did that? Seriously, they did. And their service department is top notch. They rarely keep your car more than a day or two to repair it. And, when your car is returned, it is washed and clean! So nice. Any employee I have ever come into contact with there is exceptional. They are extremely customer service oriented, and it shows.

You should see the showroom, too. About 10 cars in the showroom - and big ones, too! They often have a vintage Ford on display. Right now in the center of the showroom, they have a humongous, tall, live Christmas tree, perfectly flocked and decorated to the likes of the big tree on Main Street at Disneyland - like thousands of dollars worth of huge ornament clusters. And it smells heavenly. Oh, and they have a neat toy train set encircling this humongous tree. Oodles of track, to be sure. Sure to delight any child while his parents are browsing (which I'm sure was the idea).

So, go treat yourself to a great meal (or more) at Galpin Ford sometime! Rich said after our breakfast, "Can we just go browse the showroom for a minute or two...."

Horseless Carriage Restaurant
15505 Roscoe Blvd. North Hills

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Seriously... I would eat this Corned Beef Hash EVERY morning and left overs for dinner. mmmmn mmmmmmmmmn good!