Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WDW - Grilled Pizza


After my sister repeatedly telling me how great grilled pizza is, I finally decided to try it. I picked up a bag of refrigerated pizza dough from TJ's, and asked Emma, who was along with me, what toppings she would like. She said she would like caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, and goat cheese. Did I raise her well, or what? This turned out to be an amazing combination.

So, how easy is this? All I did was roll out the dough (bring to room temp first for easy rolling) on a sheet of parchment paper, brushed it with olive oil and inverted it onto a hot grill, carefully peeling the parchment off. I cooked it on medium for about 3-5 minutes (be sure to watch it -everyone's barbecue is different), then brought it into the house on a wood cutting board - grilled side down. I brushed the non-cooked side with some more olive oil, then turned it over. Emma had prepared the toppings, so she just spread them out and added the cheeses (we also used a bit of Fontina). We didn't even use a pizza sauce; we just brushed a little more olive oil on the crust before putting the toppings on. I returned the pizza to the grill and cooked it about 3-5 minutes more and it was done.

I cannot tell you how good it turned out! The crust was almost smokey, had beautiful char marks, and was perfectly cooked. It looked so rustic, too (it was hard to roll it out perfectly round). I put it on the table on a wood cutting board and the three of us DEVOURED the whole thing (I know, so sad - Drew's not here. But Emma did note that we would not have gotten away with these toppings with Drew around!). This would be a great appetizer too - just cut into bite-sized pieces. This pizza is on the menu again this week, since we've all been craving it ever since our last bite.

I used to make homemade pizza dough in my bread machine and we used to eat pizza every Friday night- but alas the poor over-used machine died many years ago. Trader Joe's pizza dough is so cheap and easy (and freezes well), so I haven't really bothered to make my own since. They make plain and wheat - pick some up and try this soon!

And before I let you go....I can't resist showing you my new little gadget! I have needed another whisk for some time, and when I saw this one in Bon Appetit magazine, I fell in love! Isn't it great? It's from Kuhn Rikon and is made of silicone. Love it!


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Suzanne DeShong said...

It's about time you listen to me.....heehee. And for your dear readers, this pizza is so versatile. I usually divide my TJ's dough into 2, making smaller mini pizzas. For my family I use two packages of dough (making 4 mini pizzas). I use different toppings on each one for variety, and my family is super happy. And there are leftovers for lunch the next day, which makes this Mom very happy!

Anonymous said...


I cant believe you are talking about grilled pizza!! John recently discovered TJ pizza dough and has recently started making grilled pizzas,too. They are a big hit w/ all of us. Especially with his carmelized onions and homemade mozzerralla.

(He is exploring making various cheeses now, also. )

Keep those recipes coming.

Laurie Cheffer

The Mom said...

We've been doing this all summer, we love it so much I think we just might keep doing it this way all through winter! husband might have something to say when I ask him to grill the pizza on a rainy night :o)
I'm glad you discovered the yumminess of grilled pizza!

Matthew said...

Hello Karen,

I just wanted to say that my wife loves reading your blog (I just saw it on one of her tabs in Safari and began reading). Any chance you might open a restaurant? Ash and I would definitely come if you did! I also thought the peacock photo was pretty neat and scary!