Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rich's hash and Carpinteria food finds

Well, are you wondering how Rich's homemade corned beef hash turned out? I'll let you decide:


Oh, yeah baby. OK, in case you can't tell, it was AMAZING. This entire plate was licked clean shortly after this photo was taken.

Way to go, Rich. Looks like you've rightfully earned your own feature here on the blog! I'm mulling over what to name his feature....any ideas?



We just returned from a glorious week-long vacation in Carpinteria. We camp at Carpinteria State Beach - full hook ups right on the beach- the week of Labor Day every year. The weather is still nice and summery, the crowds are gone and the beach is all ours. It was a little sad that Drew had to miss some of our time due to school (that's reality now), but it gave Emma the opportunity to invite some girl friends to come, which was lots of fun. And not to mention, very crazy.


I adore these girls! Deborah and Kaitlyn are like my extra daughters.

Carpinteria is an adorable little town with many food finds. First of all, every Thursday afternoon, they have a delightful Farmer's market. I eagerly biked into town with a big shopping bag, and took home (well, back to the trailer) fresh organic salad greens, raw organic white cheddar, sweet white corn, a great artisnal olive oil, juicy, sweet Oxnard strawberries and some nice pistachios. Score!

For other food finds, on Linden Avenue, there is "the Spot" which is a great local fave for burgers and onion rings, the "beach liquor" store, which has a kitchen in the back cranking out fresh mexican specialties (we like the fresh cheese taquitos) and the Worker Bee restaurant for breakfast. It is the most homey place and the portions are huge! They have the BEST cinnamon rolls and the BEST hashed browns on the planet. (You may be wondering how I can know such a thing. I just do- trust me on this one). It's also good to pay a visit to Robataille's candy store - they make the most scrumptious dark chocolate honeycomb on earth!


This year we added a new fave to the list. We had read about this guy, who has had a hot dog stand called Surf Dog right off the freeway for years. We had been wanting to stop and check it out for some time. So, this year we did. We even took our dogs to Surf Dog. They thought it was pretty awesome (maybe because the owner gave them each a free giant turkey dog!). I had a Polish dog with the works - homemade chili, grilled onions and sauerkraut, brown mustard, and chopped white onion. It was divine. I am not a big hot dog fan (more of a mental thing rather than a taste thing), but this was so good, definitely one of the best hot dogs I've ever had. The owner, Bill is so nice and friendly, he makes you want to come just to see him. It's so cute when you place your order (he has about 6 different types of dogs) - he always says very enthusiastically "good choice!" or "you're going to like this!" He loves his job, which is great and makes visiting Surf Dog memorable.


Don't my dogs (my real dogs in the background) look happy?


Surf Dog
{corner of 101 freeway and Bailard Avenue, Carpinteria}

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